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Cost Effective & Safe Swimming Pool Excavations

One of the common earthmoving services we offer is excavation prior to your new swimming pool being installed. While it might seem like a straightforward option to excavate the area for your new swimming pool yourself, without the right equipment, knowledge and experience, the scope for a serious accident can be large.
This is where we can help.

If you’re a homeowner looking to have a swimming pool installed, you might think that you can save money by doing the excavation yourself. From experience we can assure you that this can be false economy and dangerous too. Not only is creating a swimming-pool sized hole in your backyard an enormous task, but it takes a certain level of expertise to ensure that you’re excavating properly for your incoming pool installation. By choosing AML Contracting you can be assured that nothing will be left to chance and that we will complete the job in a safe and professional manner and that we will treat your property with respect. We will also remove all the excavated material and leave the site in a condition ready for your new swimming pool to be installed.

Every Swimming Pool Excavation Project is Different

To make sure we provide you with an accurate quote for the work to be carried out it is very important that we meet with you at the site where the pool will be installed. This way we can gauge the access requirements, the machinery that will be necessary, and how best to keep the work site safe while the work is being completed.

For a free quotation and expert advice, give Allan a call today on 0402 045 531, or send us an email via our Request a Quote form.

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